Protect Yourself Financially From Sudden Disaster

Disability insurance in Amityville, Freeport & Hempstead, NY

Accidents never happen when it's convenient-make sure you have insurance in place that will assist you on the road to financial recovery if the worst happens. Budde Benefits offers disability insurance that will kick in when you're facing a long recovery period after an injury. Disability insurance will help supplement your income when an accident or injury renders you unable to work or pay your bills. We'll walk you through the different policies and plans to find the perfect coverage option for your budget.

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disability insurance Long Island NY

Long-term care insurance in Long Island, New York

Long-term care insurance will help support you financially when you're in need of ongoing medical care. Budde Benefits will make sure you have comprehensive coverage in place long before you need it. You can use a variety of methods to pay for long-term care insurance, including:

  • Long Term Care Insurance & Hybrid Life Policies
  • Annuity Options
  • Personal cash or savings
  • Accelerated death benefits from your life insurance

No matter what you're using to pay for coverage, we'll work with it and find the best policy for your needs. Call Budde Benefits at 631-598-3680 to learn more.